Fire Essence was made in the sacred area known as Katajuta or the Olgas, the spiritual center of Australia. This essence can open people to their most ancient source: back to the moment when the soul originally chose the life purpose for its earthly incarnations - helps to unlock the most sacred part of an individual, revealing one of the last bastions of inner secrets and ancient knowledge that a person possesses- their original and on-going life paths. When this is revealed, an individual will be left with a fiery sense of purpose and direction. Consequently he or she is inspired and motivated to follow their life path and fulfill their highest destiny - there is no middle ground with this essence- there is no where to go except forward. Before working with this essence, an individual will have to be clear if he or she wants irreversible change - one must, deep in their heart or soul, be prepared to move forward no matter what the consequences - it is only then that this essence will work.