Findhorn Flower Essences are made using Scottish flowers and pure water from sacred healing wells. They are prepared by the sun-infusion method pioneered by Dr. Edward Bach, whose own remedies revised the age-old use and understanding of the natural healing power expressed by flowering plants and trees.


To select the remedies most beneficial for you at this time see which ones most closely address the positive qualities you would like to encourage. Look for key emotional, psychological and soul issues. Often intuition will call your attention to particular flower essences. Read the descriptions and get a sense of which essences intuitively feel right. 

How to Use Flower Essences

Flower essences have a wide range of applications. Take several drops directly under the tongue or in a glass of water and sip throughout the day. Add them to bathwater, creams or lotions and apply topically, or spray them around the home or workplace. The essences are most effective when used frequently in small amounts. In times of crisis or transition, use them up to several times an hour. Individual remedies may be blended together. However, for clarity of focus, work with one or two key issues at a time. To enhance their positive effects, affirm the qualities you choose to encourage in your life.

Where there is a serious physical or psychological problem it is crucial to seek professional help. An experienced practitioner will usually take a detailed case history, including medical history, and they can also give support and insight when the essences bring up painful feelings or confront us with difficult decisions.
These remedies are not a substitute for proper medical care. No claims are being made of any kind about them.


Using the Essences: In ready-to-take dose dilution: 7 drops under the tongue 3 times per day for two weeks.
Storing the Essences: Careful storage will ensure the life of flower essences. Store them away from light, heat, perfumes, chemicals and aromatics.
Preparation of Dose Bottles: Place 7 drops of stock essence into a clean bottle containing one part brandy and three parts pure water.