by © Linn Wiggins. RN. Dip Herb Med. ATMS.

Mountain Devil is a beautiful Australian wild flower that grows all along the sandy soils of the eastern coast of Australia as well as the Blue Mountains, though there is a lovely specimen in the Cooroy botanical gardens too.

This gorgeous red flower, when made into a flower essence, is very effective for helping with the emotions of anger, jealousy and hatred. ‘Seeing red’ is an expression for being angry. People who can see auras also report that a person’s aura takes on a red colour when they become angry. So the colour of this flower gives a clear clue as to its healing qualities. This is part of what is known as the ‘Doctrine of Signatures’. By looking at the colour and shape of a flower or plant, the climate in which it grows, whether it prefers damp or dry habitat, it is possible to gain a lot of information about how it may be used medicinally. Animal do this instinctively as do tribal cultures, being much more closely connected with the earth than their urbanised cousins.

There are seven individual flowers contained within seven spiky turrets – these turrets and the leaves are quite sharp and if you are not careful it is easy to impale yourself upon them. This is similar to the experience of being spiked by an angry person - and the need for wariness when close to them in order to avoid this.

The seed pod looks like a little horned devil, which is where the plant draws its name from. Anger can at times appear quite devilish to those in the firing line, as can hatred, rage and jealousy. Many an act of violence has been committed when people have been taken overtaken by anger. So a remedy that helps to heal it can be very useful.

In medical astrology, each sun sign has predictable ways they prefer to think, emotional patterns, physical vulnerabilities and spiritual lessons. Aries can tend to be impatient which can lead to quite a bit of frustrated anger when others don’t whiz through life at the same breakneck speed. Physically, this can eventually evolve into high blood pressure and, with the head the Achilles heel of Aries, stroke. The spiritual lesson in all of this is patience. Black-eyed Susan is a wonderful remedy for impatience, and Mountain Devil if it has progressed one step further into anger.

Natural therapists look at the whole person, so seeing a pattern such as this while it is impatience (rather than a stroke), and having remedies to give to address it at this early stage, is true preventative medicine. However you don’t need to be a practitioner to learn about this – it is a very simple system that anyone can understand.

Like all flower essences, Mountain Devil is totally safe and completely natural so it is impossible to do yourself any harm taking them or giving them to others. This makes them a very accessible healing tool, because anyone can use them. Everyone can recognise the emotions they and others are feeling and flower essences are medicines for the emotions. Because they are so safe, there is no need to spend years learning how to use them, unlike other natural therapies.


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