by © Linn Wiggins. RN. Dip Herb Med. ATMS.

One of our common native trees, the humble Bottlebrush, has strong healing qualities when taken as an Australian Bush Flower Essence. On an emotional level it is very good for helping us with the process of letting go. Letting go of old outdated habits, addictions, emotions, people and things. Look around your home—are you a hoarder? If you are having difficulty releasing anything at all, try taking some Bottlebrush as a flower essence.

On a physical level, difficulty with letting go can translate into sluggish bowels. If you regularly suffer with constipation (or even from time to time), ask yourself whether there is something your are not letting go of emotionally.

The doctrine of signatures (clues to the healing qualities of a plant from its appearance and habitat) is very strong with this plant. The red colour of the flower indicates a lot of energy and the ability to stimulate movement. As the name suggests, the shape of the flower strongly resembles a bottlebrush and so is perfect for cleaning the tube-like structure of the large intestine. Fortunately this doesn’t have to be in a literal sense! Taking 7 drops of the essence under your tongue twice a day for a fortnight will achieve the same result.

Faeces left sitting in the bowel too long can start to break down the mucosal lining and lead to 'leaky gut', where toxins begin to be reabsorbed into the body rather than being eliminated as intended. In women, an early sign that this may be happening can be the appearance of fibrocystic lumps in the breast. Many of these lumps spontaneously resolve when Bottlebrush is taken.

Another application of this essence is with breastfeeding. If a baby is having trouble attaching to the breast or with suckling in any way, Bottlebrush is of enormous help,in establishing a strong suck reflex, allowing the baby to go on to successfully breastfeed.

Further, if a baby doesn’t go on the breast within 6 hours of birth, the bonding process with its mother can be disrupted. Many mothers and children who have experienced this describe a sense of distance within their relationship. The children often do not feel as close to their mother compared to their peers. Their mothers feel they should be more connected to these children, and notice a distinct difference between the bond they share with the child they were unable to breastfeed immediately and the children they did breastfeed within six hours of birth. Both mother and child will express their strong love for each other but also a feeling of distance. This pattern can continue into adulthood. There are many case histories on file of Bottlebrush helping to heal this mother-child bond (even many years later), bringing a sense and strength of connection and a feeling of 'rightness' that has previously been lacking.

Bottlebrush is also very good for helping clingy children or smothering mothers let go and relax into a more healthy dynamic. For anything to do with the mother-child relationship, Bottlebrush is the first remedy I would think of. I often think motherhood is a constant process of slowly letting go—starting with birth when we have to let them go from our womb. Weaning is probably the next big physical letting go and can be an emotionally difficult time for mother, baby or both. The first day of school, sleepovers, school camps, leaving home, overseas, trips, marriage - Bottlebrush is wonderful for smoothing the way as mothers progressively let go of their children (and vica versa).


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