by © Linn Wiggins. RN. Dip Herb Med. ATMS.

I hope you had a restful festive season after what seemed to be quite a hectic and intense December for many people. The end of the year can be quite stressful, so this month I thought I would write about a flower essence that is good for recharging your batteries if you have been burning the candle at both ends through the silly season.

Macrocarpa is a eucalypt native to the wheat belt of Western Australia, and quite a rare plant. A mallee, it has a shrubby appearance, growing close to the ground rather than as a tall tree, though it can grow to be over 5m. The flowers are large and can be up to 7.5cm across and densely packed with red stamens tipped with gold.

As a flower essence, this would be one of my most prescribed remedies. Working strongly on the adrenal glands, Macrocarpa is wonderful for stress and energy restoration. When you are stressed, your adrenal glands secrete adrenaline to enable you to deal with the crisis. This is the instinctual fight / flight response that allows you to remove yourself from danger.

In times past this would most likely have taken the form of an encounter with a wild animal, natural disaster or marauding war party. Some of these still occur of course but in modern western civilisation the threats can be more along the lines of a near miss in the car, possible retrenchment, fear of mortgage foreclosure, status anxiety or domestic violence. Your body responds by secreting adrenaline – this diverts blood away from non essential body systems (like your stomach) to the vital organs such as your heart, lungs and brain, raises your blood pressure and increases your heart and breathing rates so you can most effectively run away as fast as possible or stand and fight.

After the danger is past, your body will send the adrenaline back to your adrenal glands until the next time it is needed. Well, at least it normally would. However if the perceived threat to your survival is ongoing, the adrenaline remains in your blood stream, keeping you ever ready to meet the challenge. In the long term this can lead to compromised digestion, hypertension, anxiety, heart disease and stroke.

Macrocarpa works to support your adrenal glands and therefore enable you to deal better with stress – emotionally and physically. It is also excellent for young people and high achievers who have not yet learned that they need to use their physical energy wisely and look after their physical body. The same could be said for adrenaline junkies, who seem to lurch through live constantly looking for the next adventure or drama and not resting or recouping in between.

This remedy activates your body’s innate wisdom that you need to eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are tired – rather than constantly pushing it beyond its natural limits and expecting no consequences for such behaviour. While many people find they receive a big energy boost on Macrocarpa , some find they become very tired and spend a few weeks needing to sleep a lot as their body does what it needs to do to restore their energy and vitality.

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