Wild Earth Animal Essences®:

Spirit Horse


"Gentle Remedies For Transformation"

In the tradition of flower essences, Wild Earth Animal Essences® are the latest development in vibrational remedies -- supporting and nurturing you with the wisdom and power of wild animals.

Since 1996, Wild Earth Animal Essences ® have been helping people around the world deepen their connection with themselves and their world. These vibrational essences are natural, energetic remedies that are made during a ceremonial process in the Virginia wilderness of the USA. This ceremonial process includes attuning with and invoking the spirit of the animal involved. The resulting liquid contains the vibrational imprint and energy of the animal but does not contain any animal parts.

Daniel Mapel, M.A. - A bit about what led me to this work: I have always felt a very strong connection to the wilderness and the wild animals for as long as I can remember. For a number of years I worked as a wilderness guide in the high Rockies and during those and subsequent years I have been blessed to experience powerful interactions with the creatures of the wild. Each interaction has brought with it powerful gifts and teachings. In addition, flower essences became an important part of my transformative process as I traveled on my personal path of healing and spiritual growth, and during the early 90's I began using them in conjunction with my professional counselling practice working with adult survivors of childhood abuse. As my knowledge of both the use and making of essences expanded, I continued to have powerful interactions with wild animals and was then guided to begin creating essences of the animals who were teaching me so much.

NOTE: These remedies are not a substitute for proper medical care. No claims are being made of any kind about them. No animals are captured or harmed in the development of these remedies.