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Vancouver, BC Canada

Not offered in 2008
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Lori Newton - 1-866-47-POPPY (76779) -
$CDN 155.00 (Incl. Taxes and Certificate)
Astrology is a very old system of analysis which provides a simple method for quickly and accurately gaining an understanding of an individual's personality and abilities. It reveals a person's strengths as well as identifying areas of potential difficulties.

There are many different systems of astrology. Linn has uniquely combined modern personal astrology with spiritual astrology and the ancient art of medical astrology. This one day workshop will show you how to select the appropriate Australian Bush Flower Essences for each sign, even some that might not have been obvious.

You will learn how to recognise the major strengths and weaknesses of each sun sign along with the appropriate Bush Essences to address them.

The main topics covered in this workshop for each of the twelve Signs will be: Basic qualities and characteristics Potential negative attitudes How these can evolve into emotional imbalances Physical vulnerabilities Spiritual Lessons Constitutional Remedies Secondary Remedies Energetic Blueprints

Linn developed this workshop after using Astrology for over a decade in her busy practice as a herbalist. Everyone can apply this easy, practical and effective information in their day to day lives. Practitioners can use it with every client for better healing outcomes. Professional astrologers will gain tools to assist those clients with harsh natal aspects and difficult transits.

No formal training in astrology is needed to attend this workshop.

Don't miss this Special Event, being taught only once this year!


Linn Wiggins:
Formerly a registered nurse, Linn now runs a busy clinical practice specialising in women's and children'd health using Herbal Medicine and the Bush Flowers. Her unique experience in Western, Herbal and Energy Medicines, along with her passion for life, Wholistic Healing and sharing her knowledge, will bring the Australian Bush Flower Essences to life for you.

(All of Australian Bush Flower Essences teachers have undergone extensive personal training with Ian White, including co-teaching workshops with him as part of their thorough training regime.)

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